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White Paper Digital Disruption: 2.0 A Global Tech Tsunami

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

At Black Dragon Capital, we believe that we are at a critical inflection point in the human adoption of digital technologies, which is having a profound effect on how we live, work, play, as well as redefining industries and the allocation of wealth.

Of course, the seeds of the digital revolution were planted decades ago. At this juncture, earlier digitized processes are being overwhelmed by the wholesale adoption of an all-encompassing digital existence by humans around the world.

As a result, once celebrated disparate technologies to makes specific business processes better, or humans more efficient, or connections more global, or applications to make our personal lives better, are combining into a single ecosystem connecting individuals, groups and enterprises across the planet in ways we once could only have imagined.

About Black Dragon Capital℠

Black Dragon Capital℠ ("BDC") is a high-performing private equity firm founded and led by a diverse manager and team who have a track-record of outstanding operating and investment success. They make control investments in mid-market technology companies in growth sectors disrupted by digitization and have created unique approaches to launching and developing early-stage companies. With an emphasis on diversity, they focus on high potential early-stage companies, and have an entire team dedicated to helping every aspect of the company's growth and development.

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