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Read the latest writings from Louis Hernandez Jr., including thoughts on the investment world, philanthropic efforts, diversity, and disruptive technology.

The Storyteller's Dilemma

Overcoming the challenges in the digital media age.

Human beings are natural storytellers, and it's never been easier to access digital technologies that allow anyone, anywhere to share their story with the world. More stories are being produced and consumed now than at any other time in our species' history - yet, for some reason, it's never been more difficult to cut it as a creative. 

Saving the American Dream

Main street's last stand. 


Saving the American Dream is a provocative and thoughtful account of how our nations ideals of equality and the pursuit of happiness emerged as an inspiration and a beacon of hope for the entire world, and how politicians, Wall Street and our own sense of entitlement have gradually eroded this Dream to the point of endangering America's preeminence.

Too Small to Fail

How the Financial Industry Crisis Changed the World's Perceptions. 


In Too Small to Fail, Hernandez issues the call to action, "Do you have the extraordinary drive it will take to inspire the industry and bring financial institutions back to their place as trusted intermediaries?"

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