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Hernandez has a track record of creating and transforming companies through his unique intense operating methodology, a focus on impact investing, promoting diversity and improving the communities that his companies serve. He has launched disruptive technology companies and orchestrated massive transformations of companies disrupted by advances in technology, improving margins and driving profitability while delivering strong investment returns.   


With a passion for diversity, Louis believes operators have a responsibility to build and grow diverse teams and that superior performance directly correlates with diversity within companies. He is a sought-after leader, advising companies on enhancing ethnic and gender diversity. He has been named Industry Innovator of the Year, one of the financial services industry’s five most innovative leaders, Ernst & Young New England Entrepreneur of the year, and inducted into the Innovator Leadership Hall of Fame by Bank Technology. 

As a philanthropist, Hernandez has served on many boards throughout the years including the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Connecticut Science Center, Connecticut Children’s Hospital and Nicklaus Children's Hospital Foundation. Having grown up in an immigrant family, he is passionate about giving back to communities by supporting, shaping, and investing in future leaders. In 2011, he founded For A Bright Future, a foundation that focuses on equal opportunity for children. The foundation provides scholarships and support for education, healthcare, arts, and leadership development programs. 


His unique partnership with the Vatican’s Cardinal Müller's Dominus Jesus Association is designed to support economic growth and social advancement across global region while promoting the teachings of the Vatican.   

The historic relationship is guided by a higher spiritual purpose to empower the less fortunate to gain access to an improved economic, social, and spiritual existence through education, investment, and mentorship in the creation of new businesses — all while doing God's work. 

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